Anthony Marshall

Photography and Video

Anthony started his college career as a criminal justice major. Let’s just pause for a moment and thank our chosen deity (…or non-deity…) that only lasted a semester. He switched programs and started taking classes that inspired him to pursue his passion as a photographer and filmmaker. Now he’s hooked, addicted, working on his craft, even making a little money on the side as a freelancer. Imagine if this guy became a probation officer? or a crime lab assistant?—it’s not an enjoyable vision, is it? Check out his body of work, and express gratitude to whatever or whoever you see fit, say thanks for Anthony making that proverbial U-turn, say thanks, and enjoy.


What initially drew you to the visual arts?

Video games, mostly watching other gamer’s videos on YouTube when I was young. I just started making my own videos, and something about it stuck with me. Then I bought my own camera in January of 2016, and started getting into photography, taking pictures at a local hip-hop event. It kind of just went from there, started getting into film, editing, etc.

If an alien from outer space learned what photography was and demanded an explanation, what would you say?

An image tells a story, reveals emotion, even if nothing like that is unfolding in real time when the photograph is taken. It offers a unique perspective. A leaf can become meaningful. The viewer digests it through their eyes, and has their own take on it.

And what is the worst job you ever worked?

Domino’s. The manager was a dick. Then I went to Subway. That manager wasn’t much better. Now I’m at Hannaford’s.