Kevin Perez


Kevin has no problem shooting all day and editing late into the night. And the visual language in which he chooses to speak, his camera style and cutting techniques, create a natural connection with the viewer. It’s hard to look away from his videos after the first shot, they have a way of drawing the eye. Kevin was born in Mexico City, lived for the first two years of his life in a small town in Mexico, grew up in another small town in North Carolina, made his way up to Maine to pursue an education in video production at Southern Maine Community College, and we must say, we are definitely lucky to have him here.


What sparked your interest in film?

The whole YouTube craze really sparked my interest. I saw other people making fun videos, so I tried it out with my friends. And I had an english teacher in high school that taught a film class, and taking that class further opened my interest in it, both creatively and as something I can possibly make a career out of.


What brought you up to Maine?

Well, up until I was 14, I was undocumented. Then the DACA thing passed, and I was able to get a social security number, and drivers license, etc. I wanted to go to school for film, but it was difficult to afford, so I started looking into community colleges because they were cheaper. Not to knock where I was living in North Carolina, but there aren’t any good film programs in community colleges, but I found out SMCC has a great film program, so I made my way up to Maine. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I seem to have found a good spot to be in.


How does your background influence your work?

Having the perspective of someone who is undocumented for most of my life definitely has an impact on the ideas I have for videos and short films. It’s hard to articulate, but this feeling of being separate from or different from others makes me view things through a unique lens. Especially being up in Maine, I am usually the only brown person in the room, and I feel like I am observing a group of people much different from me.