Perry Slur


Perry Slur (is that his true government name? we have our doubts…) has worked with a long list of visual mediums throughout his life: street art, video, photography, illustration, printmaking; give him a few beers and he might even bust out some old school break-dance moves and breath a little life into an otherwise dull evening. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, maybe we just made that up, who knows?—what we do know for sure is that his collages are absolutely addictive. And he pumps these things out like clockwork, strengthening his technique, refining his artistic voice.  All we can say is keep rocking, Mr.Slur, if that is your real name, keeping rocking.


When did you start making stop-motion shorts and collages, and why?

I wanted to make a short film, but when it came time to shoot, no one showed up. So I said, whatever, I have a camera, I’ll just do it myself, so I started making my own characters with construction paper. This was June of 2017. I’ve been into it since then.


Is there any sort of message being expressed through your work?

I’m just having fun with it, working on creating something visually enticing. It’s up to the viewer what they get out of it.


And, finally, what is the worst job you have ever worked?

 I used to deliver candy to hospitals and gas stations and the car they gave me was a death trap and i’m lucky to have survived the job. Also tons of restaurants, lots of manual labor in hot weather, none of it’s super fun, and now, data entry….not really my dream job.