Taylor Hunter


When Taylor first approached Beacon 207, without even looking at his work we could tell where he stood artistically. When he started talking about the process of filmmaking, his eyes seemed to burst into flames. It was like he was in a trance. When he showed us this music video, it wasn’t difficult to decide where we stood, either. We put the damn thing up because people need to see it. And he is working on a short film right now, which will be premiered on Beacon207.com. Stay tuned.


What age were you when you started becoming interested in filmmaking?

I remember being a little kid, around 9 years old, my dad showed me Saving Private Ryan for the first time. That movie inspired me to pursue filmmaking. From then on, I started making short films with my friends and would have my mom film us with the family camcorder. I was fortunate to have such supportive parents and friends who welcomed my ideas.


What influences you style?

I draw from a wide rage of influences. Some of my favorite directors are Stephen Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Derek Cianfrance and David Fincher. I’m also a huge Stephen King fan. I’ve learned that the best films are those that show a story, rather than tell it. This is something I strive to do in my own work.


What motivates you to continue working in this medium?

I love everything about filmmaking. I love the process of taking a small seed of an idea and slowly building upon it until it becomes a full story. Well-made films inspire me, I always aim to create work that can inspire others.