Tristan Anderson


Tristan is a soft-spoken dude with lofty ambitions. What you see here is only a minute sampling of the vast body of work he has produced over a relatively short period of time. Photography, film, and clothing design are the visual lanes he chooses to explore, and with only a dream and a few dollars, he has recently made the coast-to-coast leap and settled in California. Portland already misses you, buddy, but we doubt you care anyway.



How would you describe your creative process?

My process comes in waves. I’ll have all these ideas, then a burst of creative flow enters my body like a demon. I end up making something completely off the track, then I go from there.


What influences your work?

Some major inspiration to my work is skate and street culture.


How would you describe your work?

My body of work is vast and varied. I have so many mediums I try and juggle; Film, Photo, Clothing. I put a little bit of myself in each creation, an emotion or feeling. My goal after each piece is to provoke attitude and thoughts. I want to make the viewer feel through visuals. While heavily relying on how the piece makes you feel, it also has to mean something to me. I show bits of my life, my passions, my pain, and pleasures through my work. Each artistic creation is something from the heart in a way.

What are your goals for the future?

I just moved to Oceanside California, so my goal for now is to learn and explore life here. I’m already inspired by the new location around me. Being in California is going to open a whole lot more doors for me. I’m excited to bring what I got to the West Coast.