Vanessa Poisier


Quiet, yet confident; provocative, yet incredibly humble; Vanessa is low-key, yet the colors in her work picks up the microphone and screams through the eyes of the viewer. An artistic sleeper cell, of sorts—upon meeting her you would never be able to tell how bold and potent her artistic vision is. And she is only 19, gaining a higher level of skill with each new illustration. So don’t be fooled by the sweet demeanor, she is quite dangerous. Watch out.


When did you begin to cultivate your style of illustration and be comfortable with it?

I had been drawing ever since I could remember. Then I took a break for a while, I was just observing other artists’ work, and I began formulate and visualize the style in which I wanted to work. I started again a few years ago. It was a lot of trail and error at first, and it took a while for me to feel comfortable with this style of drawing.


What influenced the new style you started to work with?

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time entertaining myself with internet content, looking at artists work online. I knew that when I saw something I liked it was always interesting or weird, and those pieces really caught my attention and impacted me. I felt like it would be interesting and fulfilling to create work that could cause the same reaction. I would take different aspects of other artists work that I found intriguing and make it my own. After a while I began to do my own thing.


What inspires your choice of colors?

When I began to draw more complex pieces, I started playing around with a larger array of colors. It’s a way for me to be okay with my sketches not being perfect. I can go crazy trying to make the perfect sketch, but when I begin to play with a variety of colors it becomes like a imperfect puzzle. I add color after color onto of one another until it becomes this big, colorful mess, and if feels okay.