Our Mission

Beacon 207 believes that great pieces of art left to rot in a basement somewhere, or forgotten on a lonely social media page in the ever-expansive digital landscape, is absolutely unacceptable. Too many artists with skill, vision and drive are forced to the way-side because their work goes unnoticed, under appreciated; all those hours they put into crafting their style and refining their talent begins to feel more and more like a wasted effort. And, of course, these artists are generally broke, working small-time jobs just to keep the lights on, let alone buy art supplies.


Look, enough is enough. That whole ‘it’s cool to be starving artist’ thing is a myth; artists need their belly at least half full, it helps them put in the hours they need to without passing out on the floor. Beacon 207’s mission is to promote and encourage undiscovered artists, help them gain exposure, and make a few dollars so they can buy some bread.


So if you got it, give a few bucks…

Here is a link for our donation page.